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Foundation Scholarships


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Official Name Area(s)
79th Field Hospital    Military Science
801 House     GENERAL
ABC/Charles J. McClain    GENERAL
Adair County/Giovannini     GENERAL
Shirley D. Adams Memorial    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Norvell C. Allen Memorial Agricultural     Agricultural Science
Roy and Cleo Allen Memorial    GENERAL
Walker and Doris Allen    GENERAL
Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry    Chemistry
Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural    Agricultural Science
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. - Mu Tau Chapter Alumni     GENERAL
Dr. John A. Applegate Scholarship in Communication Disorders   
Arizona Alumni Chapter Endowed    GENERAL
Charlotte Bailey    GENERAL
Dr. Robert and Harlene Bailey    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Dr. Wayne P. & Donna J. Bailey    Computer Science, Math
S. Kay (Dewey) Baird and Thomas M. Baird Endowed    GENERAL
S. Kay (Dewey) Baird and Thomas M. Baird Endowed    GENERAL
Olivene Baker Child Development    Education
Wayne and Anna M. Ball    Education
Tom and Susan Ballard Endowed     GENERAL
Jedh Barker American Hero ROTC Annual    Military Science
Barnes Family     GENERAL
Otho L. Barnett Memorial    GENERAL
Carl H. and Lorene M. Bartling     GENERAL
Jane Bartling    Health & Exercise Science
Dr. John S. Bartling Mathematics    Math
Carolyn Magruder Baughman    Music
Ruth B. Beal    Education, English & Linguistics
Bernice B. Beggs Memorial    Education
Donald Belford Endowed    GENERAL
Dr. Clifton R. Bell Research    Education
Laura J. Downey Bell Nursing Endowed    Nursing
Lola Bell and Sharon Bell Smith Computer Science    Computer Science
Max E. Bell    Agricultural Science, Biology
Phyllis Bragg Belt Family    Education
Benny Herman Rose Scholarship    GENERAL
Angie Beran Memorial "Angie Strong" #11 Women's Soccer Schol    Athletics
Aaron Berns    GENERAL
Bertha Thomas Legacy Scholarship    GENERAL
Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society    Biology
Beta Tau Delta/Mary Evelyn Thurman    GENERAL
Billings Family Endowed    GENERAL
Black Alumni & Attendees     GENERAL
Dr. John D. Black Memorial    Biology, Chemistry
Agnes Blackwood    Education
President Joseph P. Blanton Memorial    Education, GENERAL
William and Beverly Blodgett Memorial    GENERAL
Blue Key/John R. Kirk Honorary    GENERAL
The Boeing Company-Business and Accountancy    Accounting, Business Administration
The Boeing Company-Math, Computer Science and Statistics    Computer Science, Math, Statistics
Dr. Stanley & Doris Bohon Family Study Abroad    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Larry W. and Linda K. Boleach     Health & Exercise Science
Nora Belle (McClintock) Boling and James C. Boling    Education
Bill and Leila Bondurant Memorial     GENERAL
Henry M. and Madeline A. Boucher Memorial    GENERAL
Jack and Melba Bowen    Health & Exercise Science
Jean McGregor Bower    Music
Jennifer C. Boyce Memorial    Health & Exercise Science
Dr. Willis J. Bray    GENERAL
Greg and Geri Brown Endowed    GENERAL
Lowell and Georgene Brunner     Music
Dennis and Mary Beth Buda    Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Bullets Rugby Alumni     GENERAL
George H. and Mary Alice Bunney    Communication Disorders, Nursing
Burdman Family Memorial    GENERAL
Samuel Burk    Communication, GENERAL
Jeff Burke Memorial Scholarship    Athletics
Cadoff Economics    Economics
The Cady    GENERAL
Edna Millay Campbell Performing Arts    Theatre
Timmy and LaTecia Campbell     GENERAL
Marilyn Cannaday Memorial Scholarship    GENERAL
Mabel Kennedy Carr Business    Accounting, Business Administration
Mabel Kennedy Carr Education    Education
Frank and Mary Carter Mathematics    Education, Math
Cartwright    Accounting, Business Administration
Chambers Family Endowed    GENERAL
Afimusaesae (Sae) Tuia-Pamela E. Wun Chang     GENERAL
Cheung Annual Fund for the Truman EFL Internship in China    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Chicago Alumni Chapter     GENERAL
Dr. Victor E. Childers International Study Award    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Kirksville Church of Christ     GENERAL
Bernice Humphrey Clark Vocal Music    Music
Edward Clark     GENERAL
Katherine M. Clark Music    Music
Class of 1952    GENERAL
Class of 1953    GENERAL
Class of 1954    GENERAL
Russell W. and Mary Jane Cleeton     GENERAL
Ella and Holland Clem    GENERAL
Louis B. (Benny) Clithero     GENERAL
Dr. Paula Cochran Endowed    Communication Disorders
Roger and Marcie Cody Music    Music
Frank and Linda Colton    Education
The Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology    Agricultural Science, Biology, GENERAL
Ranessa L. Cooper Botany Annual Award    Biology
Kyle Brandon Cope Memorial    Political Science
Aileen Corbin/Pi Kappa Delta    Communication
Gretchen and Pete Cornell    Nursing
Bracy V. Cornett Memorial    Art
Clifton Cornwell Award for Electronic Media    Communication, GENERAL
Bobby Cowell Life Changing     Accounting, Business Administration
Leona L. Cozean and Ruby Cooper Memorial    Education
Cozette Family Endowed     Education
R. Bruce Craddock Memorial    Athletics
Crader Family     Athletics
Aven L. Roberts & Eugenia (Ritchie) Roberts Crain    Accounting, Math
Dr. Laura Crandall     GENERAL
Donna Crawford    Classical & Modern Languages, GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Marian Collet Creason Memorial    GENERAL
Crew Family Nursing Scholarship    Nursing
Eugene J. Croarkin Accounting    Accounting
John Andrew Crossett     Political Science
Jane Crow    GENERAL
Dr. Gail B. Crump     English & Linguistics
Dr. Gary A. Crump     History
Ronald K. Cullers Veterans Club    GENERAL
Cutak-Long    English & Linguistics
Robert A. Dager    Accounting, Business Administration
Leola and Bob Daniels    Education
The Honorable Pat Danner    GENERAL
Frank A. Davey Memorial    Accounting
Clay Dawson Choral    Music
DeSantis-Then Endowed    GENERAL
Dr. Angela A. DeVito Memorial     English & Linguistics
Durward DeWitt    GENERAL
Delta Sigma Pi/Tina Schmidt Memorial    Accounting, Business Administration
Dr. Grace Devitt Nursing    Nursing
Dorothy (Dottie) Marie Dieckman Endowed    Education, Math
James M. and Robert G. Dillinger Memorial    Music
Marion & Lucille Dillinger Woman Band Director    Music
Ethan Dobereiner Memorial    GENERAL
Joseph P. Dolan Living Memorial    Health & Exercise Science
James J. Dougherty    Athletics, Health & Exercise Science
Dwight R. Dover and Delora R. Dover    GENERAL
Irene Jeanice Drennan Scholarship    Music
Jesse and Berenice Dry    GENERAL
COL (Ret) Robert and Doris Duckworth     GENERAL
Dvorak Journalism    Communication
Dvorak Journalism Endowed Scholarship    Communication
Claude and Gladie Dye Memorial    GENERAL
EY Accounting Excellence    Accounting
Dr. Kevin L. Easley Mathematics and Physics    GENERAL
James E. Edwards Accounting    Accounting
Jim and Jean Elliott    GENERAL
L. Scott and Carol D. Ellis    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Frank, Mildred and Rita Ann Elsea Nursing    Nursing
Paul and Mary Erwin    GENERAL
Craig V. Evans Memorial Debate    Communication
Georgia L. and Maria L. Evans     GENERAL
The Examined Life    Philosophy & Religion, Sociology Anthropology
FORVIS Annual Graduate Accounting    Accounting
FORVIS Annual Undergraduate Accounting     Accounting
President Eugene and Alta Fair    GENERAL
First Americans    GENERAL
Jerry and Janice Fisher Scholarship    GENERAL
William E. and Helen Fitzsimmons    Music
Sam and Sandra Fleak    Accounting, Business Administration
Charles Foudree    Accounting
Colleen Foudree PHT    GENERAL
Dr. William H. Fountain    GENERAL
Dr. William H. Fountain Athletic    Athletics
Sina Faye Fowler Memorial    Health & Exercise Science
Inks and Charlene Franklin    Political Science
Joan Fromme Endowed Education    Education
The Fulks Family     GENERAL, Health & Exercise Science, Nursing
Katie Funk Swimming    Athletics
Leo and Caroline Funk    GENERAL
Gaber Achievement Award    GENERAL
Brian R. Gardner Business Scholarship    
Harry M. and Essie M. Gardner    GENERAL
Coach Kenneth Gardner Memorial Annual    GENERAL
Truman State University General Annual    GENERAL
German Club    Classical & Modern Languages, GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Neil and Lou Ann Gilchrist     GENERAL
Dr. Ralph and Vera Ross Gillet    GENERAL
Dr. Ralph and Vera Ross Gillet    GENERAL
Mary Giovannini    Business Administration
Noma Blanche Glahn     GENERAL
Robert and Bertha Glenn    Education
Vera Gomez-Piper Endowed    Classical & Modern Languages, GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
David T. Good Memorial    Military Science
Herbert and Anna Gordon/Jack and Violet De Jovin    GENERAL
Gramlich Family     Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science
Peter J. Grathwohl Football Scholarship     Athletics
Katherine (Hoffmann) Graves and Ben D. Graves Scholarship     Education
Greek Week Annual    GENERAL
Charles B. and Venita Jean Green     GENERAL
Grace Hortense Greenley    Accounting, Business Administration
You Zhong Liu Griffith    Accounting, Business Administration
Sheryl Fullerton Grim Memorial    Education, Health & Exercise Science
Don and Margaret Groff Mathematics    Computer Science, Math
Stephen and Mariquit Hadwiger Endowed Study Abroad    GENERAL, Nursing
William F. Hall    Communication Disorders
George J. Hamilton    Accounting, Business Administration
Dr. and Mrs. Pyung E. Han    Business Administration
Hanes Her Way/Stacy Roberts Award of Excellence    Athletics
Jeannette Harris and Geraldine Ready    GENERAL
R. Russell and Jacquelin E. Harrison    GENERAL
Kevin Harrison Athletics Scholarship    Athletics
W. Edwin and Hazel (Kuhn) Hartford Memorial    GENERAL
Joe K. Hasenstab Endowed    GENERAL
John J. Hayes     GENERAL
John J. Hayes     GENERAL
Hearst Fine Arts - Art    Art
Hearst Communication    Communication
Hearst Fine Arts - Music    Music
Hearst Fine Arts - Theatre    Theatre
William Randolph Hearst Foundation    GENERAL
William Randolph Hearst Foundation    GENERAL
Dr. Teresa Heckert Memorial    Psychology
Lu & Bill Heilman Nursing    Nursing
Peter and Mary Summers Heinze    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Ginger G. Heller    GENERAL
Duane and Joy Hercules Family Accounting    Accounting
Angela Rose Hermann Memorial    GENERAL
Harold L. Hess and Ozella M. Hess    GENERAL
Mark and Edith Hickman Endowed    GENERAL
Cleo B. Hightower Memorial Education    Education
Traci (Delaney) Hill     GENERAL
Jack W. Hines Memorial    Economics, History, Justice Systems, Philosophy & Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Anthropology
Dr. Victor F. Hoffman, III Memorial    Chemistry
Shirley Leber Hogan Woodwind    Music
Dennis Hohn    GENERAL
Todd Robert Holcomb Endowed    GENERAL
Holman Family Graduate Student    Accounting, Biology, Communication Disorders, Education, English & Linguistics, GENERAL, Music
Squire Paul and Meeda Daniel Holman    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Education, Physics
Holman Family Study Abroad    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Dianna Holmes Endowed    GENERAL
William C. Holper Memorial    Accounting, Business Administration
Michael Hooley Memorial     Music
Dwain and Vera Horn    GENERAL
Leslie Rose Howell    Education
V. Don Hudson Memorial    GENERAL
C. V. Huenemann    English & Linguistics
O.T. and Opal L. Huffman    GENERAL
Dr. Arthur F. Humphreys Music Education    Music
J. Seth Huston Men's Swimming    Athletics
Vaughn G. Hysinger Business    Business Administration
Lyle Ingraham     GENERAL
Dr. Lydia Inman Fjeld     GENERAL
Investing in Students    GENERAL
Iota Nu Finance and Leadership    Business Administration
Iowa Alumni Chapter    GENERAL
Dale E. Isley Memorial    Business Administration
The Ittner Family Study Abroad    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
James F. Jae, Jr.    GENERAL
Aminah Jamal    Accounting, Business Administration
G. H. Jamison Memorial    Computer Science
Juanita McGuire Jamison Memorial Art    Art
Juanita McGuire Jamison Memorial Music    Music
Edward and Marietta Jayne    GENERAL
John H. Jepson Memorial    Accounting, Business Administration
Bob and Brenda Jones Visual Communications    Art
Connie Holt Jones     GENERAL
Edward Jones and Company    Business Administration
Jude Anselm    GENERAL
Robert and Mona Justice Athletics    Athletics
KIRX, KRXL and KTUF     Communication
Max Kade    Classical & Modern Languages
Kansas City Alumni Chapter    GENERAL
Richard M. Keith Memorial    Nursing
Jessica (Hanrahan) Kelsey Memorial    Nursing
Mary Ellen Kersey Endowed    GENERAL
Foreste Ross Kimbley    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Wilbur Kimbley II    Business Administration
W. Boyd King Memorial    Athletics
Kirchberger    Music
Dr. William Kitts Memorial    Economics, Education, History, Justice Systems, Philosophy & Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Anthropology
Kiwanis Farmers Market    Agricultural Science
Kiwanis Club Future Leader    GENERAL
Nedra Klein Memorial    Agricultural Science, Biology, GENERAL
Ray and Judie Klinginsmith Nursing Scholarship    Nursing
Ray and Judie Klinginsmith Nursing Scholarship    Nursing
Paul Klote    Agricultural Science, GENERAL
Ronald Knight    Math
Dr. Marilyn Koehler    Education
Alma L. Kotez Memorial    Accounting, Business Administration
Dr. Cornelis Koutstaal Study Abroad    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Jean Kraus Memorial    Art
Louise (Schwaner) Kriner & PFC Lawrence T. Kriner     Nursing
Bill and Marie Krueger    GENERAL
Paul and Jill (Benton) Krupela Scholarship   
Lt. Gen. Shien Min Ku and Shih Chin Ku Scholarship    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics
Bonnie (Neuner) and Kevin Kuebler Social Science    Economics, History, Justice Systems, Philosophy & Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Anthropology
Kuebler Family Endowed    GENERAL
Kevin and Bonnie (Neuner) Kuebler Business    Accounting, Business Administration
LMB Memorial     Nursing
Dr. Susan LaGrassa Mathematics    Math
Earl Laughlin Nursing     Nursing
George H. Laughlin Memorial    GENERAL
Dr. Mark H. Laughlin     Nursing
Lee/Dahal 2011 Endowed Scholarship    
Leone-Patterson Student Activity     GENERAL
Lesseig Family Education    Education
Lesseig Women's Golf     Athletics
Lesseig Family Nursing    Nursing
Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow: Fraternity & Sorority Life     GENERAL
Major Nancy Lewis, USAF, Ret Scholarship (Annual)    GENERAL
Lincoln-Douglas Debate    GENERAL
Regina Lindhorst    Health & Exercise Science
Nancy Lee Lindsey Memorial    Nursing
Suzanne (Hoffmann) Linke Education Endowed    Education, Health & Exercise Science
Richard William and Clarissa Childers Liss    GENERAL
Miles and Nancy Lovelace MAE Scholarship    Education
Miles and Nancy Lovelace    GENERAL
John C. Lucas Memorial    History
Dean Earl and Edna Ludlow Business    Business Administration
Dean Earl and Edna Ludlow Education    Education
Dean Earl and Edna Ludlow Math & Computer Science    Computer Science, Math
John Lundgren    GENERAL
Larry and Jill Lunsford    GENERAL
Merry Lynn Lyle ('90, '91) Memorial    Education, English & Linguistics, GENERAL
Dr. James J. Lyons and Dean Kathy Rieck     GENERAL
MOCPA     Accounting
MaGee/Korslund/Phi Kappa Phi     GENERAL
Wilma and Mark Maddox Study Abroad    GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Erlene Blackwood Madsen    Business Administration
Sue and Jack Magruder     GENERAL
Pres. Jack Magruder, Mary Evelyn & Karl E. Thurman    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
David D. and Lois Marie March/Phi Alpha Theta    History
Robert Scott Marshall Memorial    Music
Jessica Martin/Honda Awards    Athletics
Tricia M. Mason Memorial Chemistry    Chemistry
Lois McKay Mattison Memorial    Education
Alpha C. Mayfield Music    Music
President Charles J. McClain    GENERAL
Martha McClaskey Humanities    GENERAL
Fannie McCully    GENERAL
Alice McEwen Nursing    Nursing
George and Stacy McGuire    Art
George and Stacy McGuire    Philosophy & Religion
McKee/Sinele Family Endowed    GENERAL
Colonel Robert L. McKinney Memorial    GENERAL
Mrs. Robert (Fran) McKinney    GENERAL
McManis Family    Education, GENERAL, History, Political Science
St. Louis McNair Scholarship - Annual    GENERAL
Viola Vogel and E. L. McNeely    GENERAL
Gerald and Norma McReynolds    Physics
Gregory & Donna Meier & Friends Business    Accounting, Business Administration
Gregory & Donna Meier & Friends Newman Center    GENERAL
Senator Norman L. Merrell    GENERAL
Merrick Meyer    Nursing
Robin Meyerkord Memorial    GENERAL
Mid-Missouri Alumni Chapter Annual    GENERAL
Bertha (Sampson) Miller Memorial    Nursing
Miller-Duperron Endowed     GENERAL
Lou and Rita Miller Endowed    GENERAL
Rex and Bette Brown Miskimins    GENERAL
Joseph Mitch Memorial    Accounting
H. Chandler Monroe Memorial    Communication
Dr. Jack and Jan Moore Endowed    GENERAL
Birdie Mason Moots Endowed    GENERAL, Nursing
Marian M. Morelock    GENERAL
John and Merril Morley Computer Science    Computer Science
John and Merril Morley Education    Education
Dr. Lanny C. Morley    Computer Science, Math
Anna Catherine Brown Motter     Education
Capt. Norman Keith Motter Rural Business    Business Administration
James and Margaret Mudd Teacher Recognition Scholarship    GENERAL
Clarence L. and Virginia (Prichard) Murphy    Education
Marilyn E. Murphy Memorial    Music
William R. Murray Art    Art
Lee Myers Memorial    GENERAL
Northeast Missouri State Bank Athletic    Athletics
Northeast Missouri Alumni Chapter    GENERAL
Carrie T. Nauyalis Communications    Communication
Carrie T. Nauyalis Communications Endowed    Communication
Vera Swingle Nelson Memorial     Education, Music
Robert P. Newman Debate    GENERAL
David C. Nichols Excellence in Music    Music
Debra Fortenberry Nichols Brass    Music
Vonnie and David Nichols    GENERAL
NISA Investment Advisors     Business Administration
Dr. Emmanuel Nnadozie McNair    GENERAL
William H. & Eva Jane Noe Education     Education
Elizabeth C. Nolan    GENERAL
The Mark Nordstrom Memorial    GENERAL
Duane Norman and Donna Norman Hicks    Computer Science, Math
LLoyd, Marie and Elizabeth Novinger     GENERAL
Drs. Phil Novinger and Theresa Perenich    Computer Science, Math
Nursing Alumni    Nursing
Thomas and Maria O'Brien Business and Accountancy Annual    Accounting, Business Administration
Clayton and Odessa Ofstad    GENERAL
Susan Fox Orr and Joseph Orr Accounting Scholarship     Accounting
Richard Overfelt    GENERAL
Troy and Kelly Paino Emergency Student Relief     GENERAL
Colonel Thomas H. Palmatier Music Education    Music
Ryan Wrigley Parmeter Memorial    Athletics
Ryan Wrigley Parmeter Memorial Endowed Scholarship   
Donald Parsons Athletic Endowed    Athletics
Dr. Maren Partenheimer Memorial    Classical & Modern Languages, GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Louise Dye Pearce Memorial    Music
Dorothy Pearson    Statistics
Dr. Robert Peavler Memorial    Physics
General John J. Pershing Endowed    GENERAL
Jack Pestle Justice Systems    Justice Systems
Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association Annual Scholarship    GENERAL
Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship     GENERAL
Phi Sigma Kappa Initiate Endowed    GENERAL
Ralph Pink    Athletics
Don and Nelly Poe    Business Administration
Preferred Family Healthcare    GENERAL
Preferred Family Healthcare    Psychology
George S. Preisack Jr. Memorial    GENERAL
The Presser Foundation Award    Music
Vincent Price Theatrical Performance    GENERAL, Theatre
PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting     Accounting
Larry and Sharron Quisenberry Business Endowed    Accounting, Business Administration, GENERAL
Larry & Sharron Quisenberry Science Endowed    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Margaret Raining Special Education    Education
Andrew Range Baseball    Athletics
Danette L. Rardon Study Abroad     GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Linnea L. Ratcliff     Communication
Michael J. and Geraldine M. (Toth) Ready    GENERAL
Sandra K. Giachino Reavey    Accounting, Business Administration
Shari L. Reinhard     GENERAL
Noah P. Richardson    Education, History, Political Science
Dr. William “Rico” Richerson Football    Athletics
Rickli Family     GENERAL
Dr. Wray and Helen Rieger Memorial    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Kyle Rieger Memorial Scholarship    Music
Rigdon Family Study Abroad     GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Larry and Jan Rigdon Regional    GENERAL
Dr. Tom V. Ritchie Memorial    Music
RiteCare Communication Disorders Leadership Award    Communication Disorders
Henry and Harriett (Sensenich) Roberts    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics
Ray Roberts Memorial    Classical & Modern Languages, English & Linguistics
Willard Wayne Roberts    Chemistry, Math, Physics
Calvin E. Roebuck Business    Business Administration
Jeff and Marilyn Romine    Accounting, Business Administration
Steve Rose Endowed Performing Arts    Theatre
Amy Ayres Rosebery Debate    Communication
Dr. Dean Rosebery Science    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Ian Michael Rucker Memorial     GENERAL
Vernon P. Russell     GENERAL
Ronald M. Rybkowski Honorary Technical Theatre    Theatre
Ryle Hall    GENERAL
Dr. Walter Ryle International Student    GENERAL
Walter Ryle III, Mary Evelyn and Karl E. Thurman    GENERAL
Walter and Maurine Ryle    Education
Kelin Sanders Memorial    Education
Ed Schneider Men's Cross Country     Athletics
George J. and Diane E. Schulte    Biology
Coach Tim Schwegler Memorial Scholarship   
Schwend Family    GENERAL
Scotland County Scholarship    GENERAL
Dr. Paul Owen Selby Memorial    Accounting, Business Administration
Gary and Joyce Sells    GENERAL
Sensei Alumni Ultimate Frisbee Endowed    GENERAL
John and Jacquelyn Settlage Ecology Scholarship    Biology
Severns/Srnka    Theatre
Nancy and Ken Seward Instrumental Music Award    Music
Rudy Ray and Jean Ann Otte Seward Scholarship    Health & Exercise Science, History, Sociology Anthropology
Jim and Nancy Shaddy Research    Biology
Marion Shanes Memorial    GENERAL
Shelter Insurance Data Science Scholarship    Statistics
Shelton Family     Education
Dan and Jan Shepherd International Student    GENERAL
Dan and Jan Shepherd Student    GENERAL
Aileen Hall Shoaff and Regina Davison    Communication Disorders
Waymon O. Shofstall    GENERAL
Ryan and Lauren (Rase) Shreve Annual    Accounting, Business Administration
Sigma Kappa Sorority Delta Theta Chapter Annual    GENERAL
Jett Silas Annual    GENERAL
Dr. Samuel Lloyd Simpson     GENERAL
David and Elizabeth Skibbe Endowed    GENERAL
Pearl (Buck) Slaughter Memorial    Education
Denise L. Smith Texas Annual    GENERAL
Dr. Eugene W. Smith Memorial    Physics
Smith/Jones/Nowlin/Boyer Family    Accounting, Business Administration, Education, Military Science
W. Parks Smith Annual    Education, Math, Physics
W. Parks Smith Endowed    Education, Math, Physics
Rosa Lee Soule Elementary Education    Education
James W. Sparks    Communication Disorders
Cindy Spiker     Athletics
St. Louis Alumni Chapter    GENERAL
Lydle and Bessie Staggs    GENERAL
Standard Register    Accounting, Business Administration
TSB Nursing in Memory of Bill & Barb Steen    Nursing
Bryce Edward Stever/Alpha Gamma Rho Memorial    Agricultural Science
Harold and Helen Stewart    Education, English & Linguistics, History
Silas P. Stice Memorial    GENERAL
Kenneth Stilwell Mathematics    Math
The Stephanie Stoessel Communication Disorders Endowed    Communication Disorders
Eric Paul Stone Annual Piano Scholarship    Music
Eric Paul Stone Piano Scholarship     Music
Barrett and Mae Stout Voice-Choral    Music
Kathleen (Bohon) Strickler    Education
Dr. Werner & Gaylah Sublette    Economics
Cody Sumter Computer Science    Computer Science
SunGard Higher Education Endowed    GENERAL
Truman Swingle, Sr. Scholarship    Agricultural Science
Kenneth C. and Madelene M. Sykes Memorial    GENERAL
TSU Study Abroad Endowment     GENERAL - STUDY ABROAD
Paul Talley and Matt Johnson Memorial    Art, Communication
Norb Tatro Missouri Annual    Communication
Norb Tatro Out-of-State Annual    Communication
John and Denise Teal Classical and Modern Languages    Classical & Modern Languages
John and Denise Teal Sociology and Anthropology    Sociology Anthropology
John and Denise Teal Veterans Appreciation    GENERAL
Templeton Family Scholarship (Annual)   
Templeton Family Scholarship (Endowed)   
Thomas Family Nursing    Nursing
Jim Thomas    English & Linguistics
Dr. Ronald E. Thomas Endowed    GENERAL
Brenda Thompson Memorial Endowed     GENERAL
Karl E. Thurman and Mary Evelyn Thurman Music    Music
Karl E. Thurman and Mary Evelyn Thurman Business     Accounting, Business Administration
W. Everett and Nellie Maude Thurman    Music
Dr. James Tichenor Honorary    Psychology
Gordon R. Tobin Jazz Piano    GENERAL
Total Sports Therapy Graduate Studies Scholarship    Health & Exercise Science
Dr. Ruth W. Towne/Delta Zeta Sorority    GENERAL
James Trent    GENERAL
Harry S. Truman Presidential Musuem & Library Internship    History
Elna (Langford) Tucker     GENERAL
Matt and Karen Tucker Endowed    GENERAL
UHY Advisors Accounting    Accounting
William & Heddi Unger Art History    Art
William Unger Memorial    Art
Vicky Sue Van Wye Memorial    GENERAL
Dr. Joseph R. and Mrs. Jennie M. Verby Memorial    Education
L.L. Via Fund for Excellence    Accounting, Business Administration
Maurice E. Wade    Athletics
Nan E. Wade/Cardinal Key    GENERAL
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lisle Walker    Math
John and Melissa Ware Memorial    Athletics
Washington, D.C. Intern    GENERAL
Shirley Ann Watson Memorial English    English & Linguistics
Shirley Ann Watson Memorial Math    Education, Math
Shirley Ann Watson Memorial Science    Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Karl E. Webb    Music
Jo Ann Weekley     Health & Exercise Science
Julie Ann Weggesser Memorial    Accounting
Dr. Albert J. Weitz     Communication
Russell D. Wells Teacher Education Endowed    Education
Ina Finegan Whisler    Accounting, Business Administration
Samuel A. Jeffries and Alice White    GENERAL
Betty Jo White, D.O., Baptist Student Union Endowed Stipend    GENERAL
Betty Jo White, D.O. Science    Biology, Chemistry, Health & Exercise Science
Whitney Family    GENERAL
Terry and Faye Whitworth Biology     Biology
Terry and Faye Whitworth Social and Cultural Studies    Economics, Education, History, Justice Systems, Philosophy & Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Anthropology
Ann Wiesler Women's Soccer    Athletics
Harry W. Williams Memorial    Computer Science
Stan and Mary Ann Williams    GENERAL
George and Nadine Wilson    Athletics
Jeanne Daily Wilson Legacy    Education, English & Linguistics
Sarah Grim Wimp    Nursing
Bob G. and H. Janell Woods    Education
Dale Woods Mathematics    Computer Science, Math, Statistics
Lovelace Woodward    Education
J.C. and Donna Wright Memorial    Communication, English & Linguistics
You'll Never Walk Alone Men's Soccer    Athletics
Dr. Candy Young     Political Science
Zen Del Senior High School    GENERAL
Class of 2011 Accountancy    Accounting
Howard & Anne Elsberry Opportunity in Business    Business Administration
Megan (Over ) Holmes    GENERAL
Claire Swingle Millemon & Mary Jane Millemon Merrill     Education, Math
closedTravis-Noe Funeral Home Annual    GENERAL
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